Frequently Asked Questions

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PodScholars is free to upload and free to listen! Create an account and start uploading content about published research at any time as a creator!

Yes, only you present one research article per podcast.

Creators can use any type of screen capture app or program to record audio or video casts. Record your podcast as you wish then upload.

By design, a podcast creator will discuss one published manuscript per podcast. Podcasting a review article or meta-analysis is fair game, but creators must stick to the one-to-one rule: One podcast per one published article.

Creators can use any audio or video recording software to record their podcasts. Then upload the file and complete the upload form.

Yes, creators are free to produce their podcast as they see fit. Solo recordings, group discussions or interviews are encouraged!

Yes, creators have complete autonomy when producing their podcasts.

Yes! PodScholars encourages creators and authors to create podcasts from previous years of published scholarship!

The objective is to create one podcast per one published article. Multiple authors, coauthors, or creators can join a single podcast or be interviewed to create podcasts.

Yes! In fact, creators can podcast about any research. The idea is to enhance dissemination and discussion of research.

An effective podcast for listeners is 10-30 minutes in duration. PodScholars does not limit podcast duration, but reserves the right to limit excessive duration podcasts.

Currently, PodScholars is limited to published scholarship only. As the platform develops, PodScholars aims to increase features that will allow authors to create and monetize their podcasts.

PodScholars aims to create a database of published scholarship podcasts. Stay tuned for additional features for conferences presentations!

Register a free account with PodScholars then follow creators, save and like podcasts, or create content! Please know we will be adding features as we go!
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